Who is richer? He who has the most or he who needs the least

Who is richer? He who has the most or he who needs the least

Who is richer? He who has the most or he who needs the leastWould you say Frank, who earns $150K a year, or Jack, who makes only $50K a year?

You may think that the answer to this one is obvious…

But before you answer, consider this…

Frank (who earns $150K/year) works 60 hours a week, not including his daily commute, on a job he absolutely hates.

He lives in a city he doesn’t like and over 90% of his salary goes to basic needs like rent, food and services.

Jack, on the other hand who earns only $50k a year, is an online business owner who ‘works 10-15 hours a week.

He travels extensively living in different tropical locations every 6-12 months and lives like a KING on much less money because of the favorable exchange rates.

But best of all… he truly LOVES his life!

He’s FREE.

His family is getting to experience adventures most can only dream of.


You see…
… when you consider everything, Jack (while only earning $50K/Year, sounds like a much richer man than Frank, with his $150K/Year!

Don’t you think so?

To put it simply, while Frank is richer than Jack in gross income…

But Jack has designed his life in a way that’s MUCH more enjoyable.
…and he gets to do a LOT MORE LIVING on Far Less Money!

So what happened here?

Jack ($50K/Year) joined a Tribe where he learned how to leverage tools, resources and knowledge that was made available to him to build his own profitable online business…

… and because of that decision he now gets to enjoy time, location and financial freedom.

Jack is part of a new tribe of select entrepreneurs now living lives of freedom, prosperity and adventure.

Now the question is…

… do YOU want to learn what Jack learned?

… do YOU want to join this tribe like Jack did?

If your answer is YES…

Then THIS is what’ll break you free the fastest…

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