Video: Never give up on your dreams and vision…

Amy and Video Never give up on your dreams and vision

Learn why you should never give up on your dreams and vision!

I have a very personal video and message that I want to share with you in this blog post today. Because a few days ago my dear friend Amy passed away … too early!
Amy and Video Never give up on your dreams and vision

I know Amy from the Internet and met her to two different events in the United States. She was a really good friend who I always had fun and meaningful conversations with!

It was a shock that she suddenly passed away! Because just two weeks ago we were to a great event in Orlando, and had fun and cozy time with many other good friends.

I have made a video about Amy and never give up which you can see here:

I talk about never give up and always believe in your dream and vision

In the video I talk about that you must never give up and always believe in your dream and vision for the future. Amy did that and it has inspired me a lot and I also hope you will be inspired!

If you want success in your personal life and your online business, then I think it’s very important to have some dreams and a clear vision for the future. You must have passion for your dreams and vision so that it will be fulfilled.

You must have a strong believe in yourself and the right mindset. Because then you will never stop believe in your dreams and vison.

The world needs change, so good luck to fulfill your positive dreams and visions!

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  • John Ogrins

    Reply Reply November 12, 2014

    I enjoyed reading your post and watching your video Thomas. You are absolutely right by saying that it is important to do things now… there are no guarantees of tomorrow for any one of us. Discover your purpose… find a passion and Go For It!

  • Thomas

    Reply Reply November 12, 2014

    Thanks John! It is important to live in the now and take action! When people do that they have no time and desire to give up!

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