Personal Development: Work more on yourself than your job

Personal Development: Work more on yourself than your job

Personal Development: Work more on yourself than your jobPersonal development is the key to your success, and therefore you need to work more on yourself than your job. You must of course take care of your job and do a good job, but if you would like to have more success in your personal and professional life? Then you need to work harder on creating change in yourself.

There are many ways to work with oneself and personal development. It is important that you find your own way / style that works optimally for you. It can take a while and you must surely try different methods until you find the one that suits you.

I would like to share with you what works for me, and hope it can help and inspire you. It may seem like I spend a lot of time and energy on personal development. I do that , but it has taken me a long time to find all of these methods. My advice is that you start with one thing at a time and find out if it works for you. So you do not become overwhelmed and you get tire of it! Personal development is fun and exciting, and there is a lot to learn.

I read books or listen to audio books every day, and it’s inspiring books about personal development. I see inspiring video and read interesting articles online that also feed my brain with new and good information.

I do exercise and focus on walking and move myself as much as possible everyday. I try to eat healthy, and there is still room for improvement! I start meditation again, and it works great. For several years, I also been doing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and do you want to know more about EFT? Contact me or search online, it’s a lot of information about EFT on Youtube and Google.

One last thing is that I seek and create friendships with others who also have a passion for personal development. It is both offline and online that I get more and more friends, which is on the same exciting journey. We all have the same goal and focus on working more on yourself than you do on your job! Would you like to go on this trip too, please contact me and let’s go together!

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My name is Thomas and I'm a blogger and online entrepreneur. I have a great passion for creating online business, and teach others how to also succeed online. Are you looking to learn how to achieve success online? Contact me on social media and here on the blog!


  • John Ogrins

    Reply Reply December 15, 2014

    Good article Thomas! I know you’re from Denmark with English being your second language. My friend… you do a great job writing and communicating in English. I’m wondering how effective I’d be in Danish? Continued success and please… keep writing and sharing your personal development and traveling adventures with us! Continued growth and success to you!

  • Thomas

    Reply Reply December 15, 2014

    Thanks John! I think we have to make some videos where you speak Danish … they will go viral! LOL

  • John Kliewer

    Reply Reply December 23, 2014

    Great stuff, Thomas! I have just recently come across the Law of Attraction and Manifestation Miracle too. It’s amazing to see it start to work a little bit at a time! Thanks for the post!

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