Why I’m selling all my shit and paying my debt

Why I'm selling all my shit and paying my debt

Why I'm selling all my shit and paying my debtI’ve had this idea and dream for many years to sell everything and live a very simple life. There are many reasons why it has not happened before now, but the important thing is that now it happens! I am in the process of selling all my shit (ha ha … 🙂 so I can pay my debts! It will give me the freedom that I have missed for many years.

My dream is to live somewhere in the world where I have very low cost of living, so I do not need to think about and use energy on big bills. Which typically is for things that I can very easily live without. It will give me the freedom to work exactly with the tasks and opportunities that I have a passion for.

I have found an article about that there is a new trend in the world where people sell many of their things and paying their debts. Then they create a very simple lifestyle, giving them new freedom and opportunity. You can read this interesting article here: http://themindunleashed.org/2014/08/sell-crap-pay-debt-love-makes-possible.html

Through a more simple lifestyle, then you are not so vulnerable to economic ups and downs. It also makes it easier to save money, thereby creating a fortune for a rainy day or for retirement.

Where I see the biggest advantage is mentally where it can provide more energy and less stress. Which is because it is easier to create a good economy, and spending time on tasks that you have a passion for. There are also studies which indicate that good experiences makes us happier than material things!

That’s why I’m selling all my shit and paying my debt so that I can have the freedom to travel the world and live in a nice warm place! What do you dream of doing?

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  • John Ogrins

    Reply Reply November 30, 2014

    Good article Thomas… and a great mindset to develop! People spend their lives working their butts off to pay for “Stuff”! Get rid of that Stuff and enjoy your life. Work when and where you want to and buy experiences not dust collectors!

  • Thomas

    Reply Reply November 30, 2014

    Thanks John!! LOL… dust collectors! I’ve done that for too many years … no more!

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