Blogging Tips: What Novices Need to Know

Blogging Tips: What Novices Need to Know

Blogging Tips: What Novices Need to KnowIt can be daunting getting into blogging especially when you’ve likely looked at other blogs and have seen the number of subscribers/followers/fans the really popular ones have. However, you shouldn’t let fear stifle your desire to get yourself out there and express your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Here are some tips that will help you get noticed, but keep in mind, this is a long-term investment. That means that popularity and success will likely be far in the future, so don’t stop because you don’t have 100,000 viewers or major ad offers in just a couple of months.

Write Because You Want To
When you are just starting out, write your blog because it is something you enjoy doing. Whether it is something you are interested in or knowledge you would like to share, keep it simple to start with and do it for yourself. This starts you off with being yourself, and that is one of the biggest keys to success.

Knowing Your Audience
Once you have an audience, you will then start seeing what it is they want and you can begin blogging for them as well as yourself.  From your audience’s feedback, you can get a sense of who they are and what they want. This way your future blogs will have them in mind and you can get a strong core audience and go from there.

Build Subscribers
This means building an email list of subscribers. Once you have that established, you need to take care of them first. Taking care of them is showing them that they are valued. One way to do this is have periodic giveaways. This is one method of showing your appreciation for their dedication to your blogs.

These are only a few tips for novice bloggers to achieve success. Follow these simple steps and you will go a long way to building a solid base of subscribers who would recommend your blogs to others and in turn build your popularity even higher.

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  • John Ogrins

    Reply Reply December 16, 2014

    Great post and great tips! Keeping it simple is important. Start where you are… learn and grow.

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