John Ogrins and Thomas Justesen from how to be successful onlineHello and Welcome! Thomas & John are grateful that you took the time to visit our website.

This is a joint venture project between two guys from two totally different backgrounds and experience who met just a few short years ago and through working together on various projects online became good friends and eventually business partners.

This connection began at a marketing event in Charlotte North Carolina in 2014. Over coffee and a few meals they got to know each other a bit. Thomas was good with technology and John was more creative with communication, images, and writing skills.

The two stayed in touch virtually while adding to their knowledge, expertise, and experience. Each had a good degree of success on their own.

As time went on they decided to try a few small joint venture projects… some did very well but some did not. But irregardless of the results they simply discovered that they enjoyed working together.

During countless Facetime discussions while sipping coffee or a beer a vision began to come together. There were so many people out there with a dream of building a successful online business and income but were stuck in the middle of a foreign land without a map or a compass.

Two key phrases came to the surface…

One… “Marry the process and Divorce the Result”!
Two… “Mentor Guided Education & Training”

Success in anything requires developing a consistent regular daily routine and then committing ( or marrying ) this routine or process.

Do Not Focus on the Results!!!

Focusing on results will slow you down and eventually stop you altogether. If you want to lose weight by watching what you eat and walking 5 miles per day don’t jump on the scale every day expecting to see big results… just keep doing the daily routine and the results will come!

A mentor is critical to your success if you are trying to reach goals you have never attempted before or have tried but were unable to make any progress on your own.

Imagine this… You are standing at the base of Mount Everest and staring up toward the summit. You are an experienced mountain climber… you are strong and physically fit. You have all the necessary supplies that you believe you will need. You even have a map that other experienced climbers have expertly updated after having reached the summit.

But… Where is Your Sherpa???

Sherpas are experienced summit reaching Guides ( Mentors ) who are there to guide you safely with their experience and wisdom. They have weathered countless blizzards, crevasses, and countless other obstacles that you will undoubtedly encounter.

With the right Sherpas ( mentors ) you can feel confident that you will achieve your goals.

Are you looking for experienced internet marketing Sherpas?

Thanks for stopping by.

About John Ogrins

John is a retired delivery business owner from Boston in the United States. He is a father of two and a grandfather of three. He is also a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

John studied architectural & electrical engineering for three semesters after high school and knew that college was not where he wanted to be. He joined the Air Force during the last few years of the Vietnam War and was trained in electronic communications then subsequently served in Germany, England, and the U.S.. After being discharged from the military he went to work for electronics companies.

In 1978 he was offered the opportunity to buy a small fledgling delivery business. Ever since he was a kid he knew he’d prefer working for himself instead of for others so when this opportunity was presented to him… he jumped on it!

For the next 29 years he built this business. It wasn’t a huge business with thousands of employees but it was strong and profitable. The owner of a small business has to learn everything from selling to customer service. The business operated 24 hours a day… 365 days a year.

Finally in 2007 because of health and personal challenges he sold his business and retired at the age of 53. After a short while he got restless… he wanted to keep working and build something new so he decided to learn how to build a business online and the journey began.

About Thomas Justesen

Thomas is a semi-retired business owner and consultant who grew up on a farm in the beautiful country of Denmark. After completing high school Thomas entered the university and began studying agricultural business management.

During his years at the Danish university he decided that he wanted to study abroad and applied to become an exchange student. His love for travel began when he traveled to the mid-west region of the United States to continue his agricultural studies.

He worked on commercial farms while continuing his studies but every time there was a break in the schedule he took off and traveled around the United States.

Back in 2003 while working as a consultant in the agricultural industry he began learning about online business and marketing. He quickly learned how to set up websites and began marketing cell phones with which he became very successful.

This success propelled him into venturing out into other industries. His keen knowledge and understanding of technology allows him to consult individuals and businesses with their online goals.

Yet… to this very day he loves nothing better than stuffing his backpack… tucking his laptop under his arm and just takes off for another exotic destination!

Freedom to hit the road anytime he chooses is the dream that drives him!

His travels have taken him to the Far East and Asia… trips to the “Land Down Under” and many more ports too numerous to list here!

He is currently contemplating a move to Thailand where he plans on setting up an online business that will give him the warm climate, freedom, and flexibility he is searching for.