6 Trendy Blogging Sites

6 Trendy Blogging Sites kalatu

6 Trendy Blogging Sites kalatuThere are so many different sites where you can start your blog that it might be difficult to choose. Choosing a site to blog from can mean the difference between getting noticed and staying hidden forever. However, there are up-and-coming blog sites that have potential to be great. There are some obvious ones like WordPress and Blogger, but if your definition of trendy means staying away from the truly big sites, then try these 6 trendy blogging sites instead.

No, this was not a misspelling. Svbtle was founded last year and it boasts of a large network of people. It is different in a few ways in terms of design capabilities and the fact that it does not have comments as of yet. It is not known whether Svbtle plans to add a comment feature to blogs in the future, but all that can be said is it is certainly off the beaten path.

Also founded last year, Postach.io was created by the makers of Evernote as an accompaniment. It is not as customizable as some of the other blogging sites, but it has plug-ins like Disqus as well as several others. If you are already an Evernote user, Postach.io is a logical choice.

Squidoo has been around since 2005, so it is one of the more established blogging sites, but so many people use it and it is a great site for beginning bloggers. Blogs are called lenses and you can level up after an accumulation of points.

This is a very popular blogging site that has been around since 2007. Tumblr was bought by Yahoo, but still continues to be a great competitor to the big players. It is easy to use and is great for the artistic-minded blogger. Visit my blog here!

Founded by the makers of Twitter, Medium is gaining popularity rapidly even though it was only introduced in 2012. Great for storytellers and since it was made by the makers of Twitter, it is completely compatible with Twitter.

The KALATU blog system is new and updated version of a blog system, which was established 3 years ago. The KALATU is optimized for personal branding and online business. It is a very popular blogging system, and many new blogs are created every day! You can visit my blog here!

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